Different types of plants have their own ways of observing, touching, and listening to the world. When the flowers are in full bloom, their flowering period is short, but they leave behind a moment of beauty. Although it does not represent eternity, it is enough to leave signs of a brilliant life.

I recently read that certain sound waves may also cause plants to germinate faster. Sunflowers, like legumes, will grow faster by hearing something similar to human voices, but with higher decibels.(Anatomy of a Rose: Exploring the Secret Life of Flowers By Sharman Apt Russell)



This semester I want to try a physical installation that combines lights.I found inspiration from Paul Friedlander's work and some works with similar effects. When light illuminates arotating object, it will produce irregular wave phantoms in the air.

From this I came up with a rough idea that for each unit part, a direct light and a motor will be placed on the top of the unit, and the motors will drive three levels of discs, each disc corresponds to a different material, on its periphery Install a microphone to obtain real-time environmental volume. The volume data will control the speed of motors. The louder the sound, the higher the speed of motors. This shows that the flower-like structure will grow faster as the surrounding voice changes.


left pic from link, right pic from link


I also got inspiration from the video which is an sound installation by Nieke Koek and Gosse de Kort.