In the past two weeks, I mainly tried a variety of materials to observe the effect of different materials being illuminated by spotlights during rotation.

Here are the materials that I think are more effective:

LED Homogenizing Film


0.25mm Optical Fiber


Mesh Tube

The mesh tube is the material I want to use the most so far. It is more reflective than I thought and it can be easily contracted and stretched. When the motor rotates fast, the material will be contracted and vice versa.


Since I only use fly fans and spotlights for simple tests, they still have great randomness and differences, such as the position of the lamp and the material, the rotation speed of the motors, etc., So my next plan is to try the gear motors and strobe light recommended by Daniel.

My current idea is to place the light directly below the hinge, with a microphone in the middle to capture environment sound data.

截屏2020-10-15 上午11.32.29.png

Next steps:

1.Try Premium N20 gear motors and find the most suitable one.

2.The wheel of the mesh tube can be placed  to test the rotation effect at different radiuses.

截屏2020-10-15 下午12.11.00.png

3.In my listening machines class, Michael suggested that I try to use DMX to control the  of light and sound.