Recently, the whole world is in a severe situation, full of tension, because of a sudden disease. In this disaster, everyone's life has been affected because they have to give up a lot of things they should have done because of their health. In this extreme environment, everyone has a different mentality. Although we still keep in touch with the outside world, most of our living environment is indoors. The daily activity range is bed, bathroom, kitchen, dining table. The distance is very limited, which inevitably leads to visual fatigue, and even some people feel like they are in prison. Such a long-term development will have a great impact on people's physical and mental development. Some people will start to yearn for the outside life, wonder what others do at home, or want to change a visual experience. At this time, technology can actually bring us a kind of visual enjoyment. If AR and VR technologies are added, people will feel more immersive.


Main Function


Test in Xcode



1.how to create filters to blur the actual environment?
2.How to save the VR experience in the form of pictures or videos, so as to share it with friends?


Week 11

After receiving suggestions from Nien and Sebastian, we decide to focus on how to improve the AR experience and simplify each scene. At the same time, for the seabed scene, we hope that its interaction is when the user is close and the jellyfish move away. 

​Inspired Video

At same time, we think objects in the AR scene and real environment are too separated, how to make the objects and the environment related ?



This week I tried to explore the various functions and properties of realityKit and how to use code to get some properties in reality composer, and try different ways of interaction.




This week I improved the scene of jellyfish and the scene of roses.

The interaction method of the jellyfish scene is to move the camera lens closer, jellyfish will move away, the effect is better when I use the cube model test, but when I replace it with the jellyfish model, the bug in the video below appears.

The interaction method of the rose scene is that when a person clicks on the screen, a new rose will be generated. You can use your fingers to change their size, move it, etc., and design them arbitrarily in your living space.


App prototype