For the final project, I want to use Air-dry clay to make the lamp closure, and use the Philips hue system to control the light bulb and the light strip.I try to develop a hue control app as a remote control for the lamp.



 Fabrication: Hue Bridge, Philips soft white bulbs,Philips hue lightstrips

Code: Xcode



I tried to set up my light bulb at home and completed a simple single view hue control app with swiftUI.



This week I improved  my controller App and wrote a controller for the light strip.
Here is App Diagram


Design physical lamp

I tried three materials, fabric material, plastic film, disposable plastic cup.

The fabric material is suitable for warm color temperature, and the halo of the light strip on the bottom of the light is more uniform and soft.

The plastic material has better light transmittance and is suitable for cold color temperature. It can also produce a sense of hierarchy only when the lamp strip is lit, but the reflection of the lamp strip at the bottom is discontinuous.

The effect of the cups attempt made me a little surprised. The multi-layer stacking can cover the light strip very well, and the light at the bottom is even and soft. At the same time, in the case of low light, it will produce an abstract on the surface of my closet.


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