My design inspiration comes from China's traditional national flower peony, the meaning of the flower is to miss my loved ones and hometown. In this special period, it is very difficult for me to buy a return flight ticket. The continuous cancellation of flights makes me and my family care about each other in different countries.



I designed a solid paper lamp with a peony shape and a mobile app that can control various attributes of the lamp.

Lamp Design

For the design of the lamp, I used a relatively flexible white paper to make a peony shape, put the white light bulb in the middle of the flower, and put the colored light strip inside the petal.



For the fixed part of the lamp, I turned the paper cup upside down, stuck the bulb base to the port at the bottom of the paper cup, and attached it to the surface of the paper cup with Air-dry clay to increase the stability.For flower design, I folded the white paper many times and folded it into a petal-like shape, then fixed the petals with a rope along the base of the lamp.


App Design

For the design of the control part of the lamp, I designed an App that controls its various properties. HueHome App is a lighting control App with Philips Hue System specially designed for a physical light in my home. This App can make users easily manage the internal properties of the light, customize the light scene and set the playback time. In addition, users can also turn on the sound mode that the lamp will interact with the sound of users' living environment. This way in other places, other users can change their environment Voice or human voice, handed to the user through the change of light.

Iphone X Mock Up 3.png

App Diagram

Controller with white bulbs and colored lights. The white light bulb can control the switch and brightness properties, and the light strip control switch, CT mode and Hue mode (including hue, brightness, hue).

You can set your favorite lighting parameters in mainPage, view each parameter in AddPage and add it to the list of light scenes in ThemePage.

Similar to the setting to open the recording, get the user's ambient sound data, map it to the brightness and hue of the lamp, and thus interact with the ambient sound in real time.

This page can play different light scenes and set their playing time. For the theme Spring comes and winter goes, it imitates the scene of winter snow and ice melting in spring, users can adjust the speed of the process at any time.




Full functions display


Full sound mode display


Full spring mode display