Assignment 1

In these videos, I chose AudioViz by Jesse Woolston's Piano Form. The reason is that I am more touching with the music and the visualization than others.


The tune seems to travel through the free and infinite interstellar space, with a twist in the ethereal music.In terms of visual creation, the sphere bounces freely, with a smooth appearance and smooth action.Whenever a sharp treble appears, the number and size of the spheres will suddenly increase accordingly. The slight drop and weightlessness of the surrounding spheres match the echo of the music, giving people a feeling of flying in the universe.What’s more, the beginning and end of the music visually change back to a vertical white thin line, echoing the beginning and the end.


At the same time, the process of continuous accumulation of liquid spheres, like the reproduction of human beings, from birth to death, from generation to generation. Large and small spheres are like unique life entities. During this period, perhaps Wonderful and splendid, perhaps miserable, perhaps long-lived, or short-lived, but from a macro perspective, it is only a trace of time.


If there is no sound cooperation, just looking at the visual changes, I will feel that the rhythm generated by the sphere is very fast, which reminds me that the sound should be more crisp and lively, such as the sound of fish constantly blowing bubbles, and plastic objects colliding and rubbing against each other. sound. Conversely, if I only listen to music, the rhythm of the music is more soothing and calm, which reminds me of elements such as water currents, fields, interstellar, and breeze. The inadvertent key skipping in the music is like water hitting stones and fields. The fawn that broke in suddenly, the meteorite that crossed the stars, and the breeze blew the wheat field.