I chose Soundwalk 9:09 for my assignment .
I arrived there around 2:00 pm Last Sunday, I started at the Metropolitan Museum, walking between the Met fifth Avenue to The Met Breuer Museum. The sun was shining, probably It was weekend, and there were more pedestrians around. Because this is my first time in New York, everything is fresh for the first time, and when I walked at the met fifth avenue, there were a lot of boutiques and restaurants on the street which gave me the urge to go shopping. It was just at noon, my brain and stomach was calling me to rush into La Masion du Chocolat to have some dessert, adding sugar. But the musical tone in the headphones gave me a heavy, gloomy feeling, and seemed to warn me to dispel this idea. Therefore, on the way to go, my heart has always been in a state of contradiction and slight irritability.


About 10 minutes or so, I arrived at The Met Breuer and visited the museum. After watching other works of art such as Mukherjee’s production of fiber works and blowing air-conditioner, my heart gradually calmed down. I took a break and listened to Uptown chapter back to the Metropolitan Museum. At this time, the sky became gloomy, my heart also gradually calmed down. I heard from the melody that birds sing, people talk, street performances, whistling sounds, construction sites, and other common sights on the streets of New York, but their frequency seems to be slowing down and the corner of the sharp sound was worn away, At that time the sound walk became inexplicable cures for me.
My discovery from the sound walk:it is probably the reason for the short section, so even the first time visitors can listen to the whole heart, don’t worry about watching the navigation. Secondly, the environment, weather, smell, etc. will affect the feeling of sound walk.