At the end of the two weeks, we successfully completed the work of Sound Walk. I also had the opportunity to meet KJ and Nok and be able to work with them. Before editing the sound, it was strange to me, but through just two weeks. Learning has given me a new understanding of it. I got to know what is  a zoom recorder and tried to use it. After that, I came into contact with the Audition software and learned basic sound editing techniques, such as how to make the recorded sound sound less harsh, how to add ambient sound at the right time, and express the feelings of the speaker at that time.

Our team is very cooperative, and we has some similarities, so the process of choosing a topic was not very different for us. At the same time, we all attached great importance to the completion of the assignment, so we met and discussed on a regular basis, assigned tasks, and then executed them efficiently. Because this is a new beginning of the semester, I also formed a deep friendship with my team members through this assignment.

I think the area we can improve is to design a map of our sound walk so that the listener won’t be confused about the location of the phone booth and it won’t affect their audiovisual experience. At the same time, we can optimize our environmental sounds to make their voices more harmonious with the speaker’s sound.