In the part of video, I tried how to use a  camera, how to control the effect of the lens by adjusting exposure rate, brightness, etc., and how to use Pr to edit video, adjust brightness, and increase the effect, etc.
Doing video in the process of the assignment, I found that the early conception is very important, want to consider many factors, including story logic and practical feasibility, the shooting area and shooting time, the shooting Angle, shooting props, and so on, of course, all considered in the service of video rendering. Our group at the early stage of the filming was restricted by the shooting area, cause we have replaced the plot. But the interesting part is when we are in the actual investigation filming locations was a lot of inspiration, just like our first video, although it is now part of the plot is not complete, but I like the sense of urgency that the narrow passage creates. I also enjoy our group in the process of cooperation and communication together, together we do brainstorming, discuss how to make the effect of terror, I also learned a lot from my team members, such as sky acting, Nok editing ability. But I  also very understand Matt give us advice, because want to consider the audience’s understanding of the video content, and so on, the theme of our second video and return to our original ideas, but try to slant the style of entertainment, but time is tight, I hope we can have more time to create it. Such as perfecting our props.