Recently, so the task of this week, because of the effect of heart coronavirus, I saw the bad news about China every day, and many of them reported several months of infants infected, this let me heartache but also realize the value of life, fluctuation of heart rate chart is reflect the heart beats, the embodiment of the life, so I was wondering if I can make light of intermittent flash as a person's heart rate


fade curve function design.

Through studying several examples shown in Tom's class, I found that the fluctuation curve of sine function is more suitable for human heartbeat. The following is my transformation of sine function. First, I multiply X by a coefficient to accelerate the fluctuation frequency and shift the Y-axis up by a quarter of the unit length. At this point, I judge whether the value is less than zero


material chose

The reason for choosing egg shells is a light-permeable enclosure. The spots and fine lines on the surface remind me of the human skin and the egg is the starting point of a new life, perfectly matched by the heartbeat


Weekly Observation