The left side

  • My inspiration comes from my personal flight experience. I think that usually airport passengers get their tickets.
    1. Confirm your name first.
    2. Check to confirm the flight of the day.
    3. Flight number.
    4. Check the boarding gate at the airport’s big screen according to the flight number (my mom has been doing this).
    5. After finding the boarding gate, check the registration time, it is convenient to reserve time to visit the duty-free shops, rest and the like.
    6. Check your class when you register, queue up for boarding. Therefore,I used the shape of the airplane as a guide to hash the main information.

  • The starting point and destination are usually eye-catching, so I use a larger font.

The right side

  • For the boarding pass design on the right side, I think the most important thing is that the passenger finds the position according to his seat number after boarding the plane, so I emphasize the seat information again on the back.

  • Passengers may also check their bags information, departure time, etc. after flying.



  • I use white and light blue as the main colors, because these two colors can represent the sky and have a  fresh feeling.

  • I used a more eye-catching pink and blue embellishment to emphasize the key information.





I was inspired by a white-collar worker who was sitting in a public seat. He probably ended his day’s work, tired and bent over, surrounded by towering urban buildings, which reminded me of the tinyness and loneliness of people.So I modified the L and O letters in Lonely.


In Japanese manga, girls usually have a medium-length bangs, covering the front of the forehead. When the breeze smashes and the curved curvature appears behind the hair, I want to reproduce the picture, so the letter H is modified. Hand painted directly with apple pencil.



I compared the letters L and I in Light to arms and candles, and illumined’g’ ‘h’ ‘t ‘letters in the dark. For the more outstanding effect, I added a black background, tilting the letter L slightly, and reducing the size of the’g’ ‘h’ ‘t ‘letters.