Redesign Movie Poster of Midnight in Paris 

This week's task is to redesign a poster. I chose a poster from the movie Midnight in Paris designed by Polish designer Michal Krasnopolski. Most of his works use extremely simple geometric images and lines, and the colors are matched with the same color gradient.



I really like the clock design on the poster, A circle and line show the clock striking twelve. Because in the movie, the most exciting part is Gil Pender, who rides a carriage in the middle of the night, a carriage that arrives in a timely manner, and takes him to a celebrity party that he would never dare to imagine. During the crossing, he Increasingly immersed in the city of Paris.

When conceiving the special effects design of the poster, I kept the clock design of Michal and emphasized it, because at midnight, the movie was the most exciting time for gail, and it was the time when the celebrity party started. When the user clicks on the hour hand, the brightness of the hour hand and the frame gradually increases, and the movie title gradually appears.



My Code Link

The main design idea is to bind the movie title, hour hand,and frame to the same Boolean parameter that determines the status. When the user clicks the clock, all events will be triggered. When designing the gradient color flow of the ring, I encountered some problems in how to synchronize the color of the hour hand with the head of the gradient ring. I tried many times to debug the duration of the effect to make it look coordinated, but it still exists error


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