I have always loved daisies, and the logo of the co-branded brand which the Korean singer G-Dragan who i like very much created is a daisy. I refer to its appearance and color and draw the daisies with P5.js.



When I was learning the Tutorial of Danial, and when he was talking about the implementation of Double Pendulum, I found that changing the radius difference between two circles can draw a petal shape similar to a daisy. Here are my first try.


As can be seen from my first sketch, the petals are too tight and regular, and at the same time, I like to make the petals white, so I made some adjustments and continued to change the radius of the two circles. The noise function makes the petals look natural


I think what I need to improve is: I need to think about how to make the sharp corners of the petals irregular as in my first picture (I have tried to modify the branches of px and py incrementally, but it makes the lines not smooth.) So i try to add another sine function and cos function to X and Y position.
Generate daisies at random locations on the canvas, but you probably won't be able to use the createGraphic method


At the same time, I tried three methods to make a GIF image. 

The first method uses the saveFrames () method directly. It is very simple, but it can only store up to ten images, which is not suitable for my sketch.

The second one is the ccapture.js link given by the reference of the P5.js official website. However, although Capturer start is displayed, my sketch is not loaded. I tried to google my problem, but I did not solve it.

The third method is to use Golan Levin's loop templates shared by Dan. In the end, it worked well.