Idea one:
I continue to develop the Jellyfish app . The user first selects the jellyfish model that they want to display, and then the jellyfish is distributed in the user's space in the form of AR. When the user touches the jellyfish, the jellyfish will change color, and the range of motion will increase.


Idea two:
I want to reflect the harm of language violence to a person in the form of AR. There is no language at all times in life, and language is likely to hurt the closest people. Language has powerful energy. Between couples, unconscious negative comments during quarrels can create an indelible rift in their relationship. As the child grows up, long-term negative comments and even language violence will invisibly affect the child's subsequent psychological development. vice versa. The quarrel may pass, but the bad words in the quarrel will stay in the room forever like air.
The main idea is to first have an input interface containing other people's evaluations of you, and then these comments will be transformed into a random text scattered in the space.


Idea three:
Applicable scenes are in school or company. In collective life, most of us will encounter the embarrassment of not remembering a person's name or face, so I hope to design an app that obtains information by scanning faces or recognizing photos. The main idea is to personally fill out their own public information storage first. Enter the company / school information database, and then scan the human face through the phone camera to get all the public information that identifies the user.