1. Turn off all lights
2. Turn on the lights of BackSR and BackSL and set the CT to warm mode
3. The lights of TopSR and Strip flash alternately in blue and purple, and the lights of BackSR and BackSL flash alternately.
4. Turn off all lights
5. "REVEALING MOMENT." Highlight one side of face, turn on FrontSR and FrontSL, and set Strip light to blue
6.Cool scene, model walk for 10 seconds, turn on FrontSR, FrontSL, BackSR, BackSL, set Strip light to blue
7. Warm scene, set the Strip light to a warm yellowish color, and then gradually close Back SL
8. Turn off all lights.


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code link

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1.According to the design order, modify the JSON data of each light through HTTP PUT request

2.Using the setTimeout function to control the order in which functions occur when the light changes with time.



Control Panel based on Web


Light Show