For mid-term projects, I want to develop a weekly assignment from my last semester. I hope to use P5 to try to create the marine environment and create some marine life.



1.Yellow fish
For the small yellow fish, I refer to Dan's example and wrote a flowfied to control the flow of the school of fish. At the same time, if the mouse is moved to a certain position on the canvas, the school of fish will gather and hover around.


For the shark part, It inherited the properties of the small yellow fish, and only changed the display function. At the same time, I wrote a new flow field for the shark. The part on the mouse will form a spiral in the center.



 For the jellyfish part, I refer to a P5 sketch, and at the same time I improved it. By observing the actual jellyfish movement, I found that the power of the jellyfish is not provided by its feet, but by its round body Expansion and contraction. At the same time, I added a star-shaped origin to its feet to increase the sense of vision .